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Newsfeed Tag

Ok. Time for a game. Because I'm starting the game, I'm going to set the rules.

This is a blogging tag game, where, if tagged in a blog post, you must post as well. In your blog post, you must provide a trackback ping to the post that tagged you (a permalink to the post). You can only tag 2 people. For example, if I were to tag Alice and Bob, then Alice must post tagging two more people, but also put a link to my post tagging her. Same with Bob. In essence, the goal is to create an exponentially growing tree, with me at the trunk tagging two, then each of those tagging two more, and so on. Yet, regardless of where you are in the tree, you can trace the links back and forth seeing what others have posted. Makes sense? Okay. Let's start.

I'm always in the lookout for new RSS feeds to read related to technology, Linux, Ubuntu, programming, technocrats and other things similar. Lately, I've been growing tired of my feeds, so I thought I would go out on the lookout for new feeds to put in my RSS reader. So, in this game, an RSS posting game, if you're tagged, post your subscribed feed list in some XML-based clear text format. So, here is my list, in OPML format, of the feeds that I subscribe to.

As you can see, most are planets, and I don't have very many feeds. I have also taken out a few feeds that were driving me nuts, mainly, Digg and Slashdot. So, with that said:

Steve Dibb and Richard Johnson- you're up! 🙂

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