Image of the glider from the Game of Life by John Conway
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New Email Signature

I've been toying with the idea that I want a new email signature at the end of each message I send. For the longest time, I've been of the opinion to put an email netiquette topic in my signature on one point or another. For example, for the past 4 years, I've had one version or another of the following signature:

Aaron Toponce         ( )  ASCII Ribbon Campaign   X
                      / \

That signature has served me well the past few years, but I'm ready for something new and refreshing. I'm tired of the political stance that my signature carries, so how about something less political and more geek? I don't want my name in the signature or anything vanity-related. No politics or netiquette advice. Just raw geek. I came up with the following:

. O .   O . O   . . O   O . .   . O . 
. . O   . O O   O . O   . O O   . . O 
O O O   . O .   . O O   O O .   O O O

Bonus points if you recognize this pattern, and can tell me where it's from.

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