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Java Studio Creator

Want a real slick Java IDE? Check out Java Studio Creator. This IDE, if you are coming from Windows development, will look very familiar. In fact, it is so similar to Visual Studio, it is hard to really break apart the differences. However, with this IDE, it's free. That's right. FREE. Well, for the most part. It might not be free forever, and you need to join the the Sun Developer Network. Once signed up, you can get FREE copies of the Java Studio Creator ($99 value) and Java Studio Enterprise 8 ($1,895 value) development tools.

You can build and deploy Java Server Pages, JavaBeans apps, and many, many more. And because you're developping with Java, your application will run on any platform without a single change to the source. Of course, this has been the mindset of Java from the very beginning. It's nothing new. However, maybe programming with system independant code for you is.

Eveything that you have come to love in Netbeans and Eclipse is included in JSC, including autocompletion, drag 'n drop and much more. JSC has included a number of specialized components and it has flexible data access to all of the popular databases, including the new Open Source Java database connectivity. Deploying your application is seamless and easy.

JSC has won numerous awards, including's Development Tool of the Year Awards. The next generation of JSC, JSC2, will be released soon, most likely to be in direct competition with Visual Studio 2005. JSC installs on any platform, including Linux, Mac, Windows and Solaris.

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