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Opera 9 and Acid2

Downloaded the latest build of Opera 9, which is still in the development stages and not ready for public release. Of course, the first page I visited was the Acid2 test page. I was amazed to see that Opera 9 almost passes, if it weren't for one ridiculous color. Check out the screenshot below:

Opera 9 and Acid2
Opera 9 rendering Acid2 almost flawlessly

Will this be the first browser for Linux to pass the test? I have heard that builds of Konqueror can pass it, but I have to find and download a copy of the browser. Safari was the first to pass the test many months ago, but I have heard that it hasn't been included in the Mac OS X releases yet. What are they waiting for? I would also like to know what the Firefox dev team is waiting for. The Acid2 test in Firefox looks horrible, and with such a promising future, what's up?

In any case, congratulations Opera! No doubt they will have the CSS level 2 spec completed in its entirety by the time they publicly release version 9. I have been a user of Opera ever since they relinquished the ads, and I look forward to using version 9. Opera has set the bar high on every release, and it's really quite astonishing that they don't have more of the browser market share.

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