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Unofficial Ubuntu Documentation

Being an avid Ubuntu Linux user, I have been spending a great deal of time on the forums. Generally, I hang out there to help people where I can, and try to spend little time asking questions. I am pretty confident that someone has had my problem already, so why bother asking the question, when it may have been asked 2 or 3 times already.

Anyway, after spending a great deal of time in the forums, I was asked a great honor. I have been asked to help maintain an unofficial Ubuntu guide. The official guide is out of date, and not many people are maintaining it, or keeping it updated. So, a team has been assembled to keep an up-to-date doc. My duty, mainly, is to find posts on the forum that are great howtos, and submit them to the doc. Of course, if I have other howtos that can benefit others, I should also submit those.

With that said, anyone can actually contribute to the doc. It has been setup as a wiki, and anyone can register, post, and edits posts on the site. In the 43 days it has been up, it has been under great stress with over 150,000 hits! And it is only an AMD Duron running at 900 Mhz (this server is an Intel Pentium II running at 450 Mhz I believe, and it holds it's own as well (although I don't get anywhere in the neighborhood of that sort of traffic (visit my counter at the bottom of the page for details))).

I am excited to donate my time to the doc. With everything else currently on my plate, I must be crazy! But I just can't pass up on an opportunity like this. I only plan to spend about 2-4 hours per week towards the doc, and hopefully, that will be sufficient.

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