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My Personal Blog Down and Minor Changes to PThree

At then end of the year, I brought down my personal blog, It came at much discussion and thought, and the concluding result was to take it down. Mainly, however, for one serious reason. ASP.NET overhead. On average, .NET consumed 50-100MB of RAM depending on server load and other variables. This made working on the server as a traditional desktop slow and cumbersome. After two years of putting up with it, I had had enough.

However, I plan on keeping the domain for some time. I don't know exactly what to do with it at this point, but I am sure to come up with something. As I had expressed on my personal blog many times, the toponcefamily domain was to be for the family to utilize, and unfortunately, it didn't take off as planned. Oh well. For the time being, and all of its directories will point to PThree.

Lastly, PThree underwend a couple of changes. First, the theme. Not that I grew tired of the old theme, but I upgraded to WordPress 2.0, and didn't back up my previous theme. It's okay. Acutally, I like this current theme, and may keep it for some time. But, for those of you who know me, the theme will probably change as often as the seasons. Maybe I'll put up a CSS style switcher for 5 or 6 different themes.

The second change was the port number. Now that I have taken down my Windows Server 2003, I can forward port 80 to my Linux server. As such, there is no need to put port 8080 after the address, although it will still work.  This is the same for my religious blog,

Somewhat of a maintenance post, I know.  I have much to post about, just very little time, and I am afraid that the coming year of 2006 will provide me with very little of it.  I am still working on revamping the QuickBasic files at work to Python, and will post the progress here, I just can't get to it at the present time.  Stay tuned.

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