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GNUMP3- A Free Multi-Platform Audio/Video Streamer

GNUMP3 ScreenshotI just setup a new audio/video streamer using GNUMP3. Thanks to a friend of mine who showed it off.

GNUMP3 uses the http protocol on a different port number to serve all of your compressed audio files. It will host MP3, Ogg Vorbis and movie files which are available for download or streaming. It is completely PHP powered, and does not need a MySQL installation. In other words, it will run on Windows, Linux and Mac as long as you PHP installed. Why not just use FTP? Well first off, you have to download the files then play them locally. You don't have the ability to stream with FTP. Second, all the bonus features that come with the software.
But the fun part hasn't even begun. First, playlists are enabled by default. You can play all files in your entire collection, under a certain genre, album, artist or your own custom playlist. On top of that, you can pick a random directory or random file to play. Preferences, statistics ans searching are also built into the application.

Continuing, you have the ability to either password protect your files and/or filter IP addresses to keep unwanted visitors away (which is handy, as I don't want to get sued for giving people the ability to download free music (maybe I should follow Apple's example, and put DRM software on all my music. No? Just a thought.)).
Lastly, GNUMP3 has its own built-in http web server. In other words, you won't need Apache or IIS to get this up and running. Just access to your firewall, music and the ability to install software. Of course, you'll need to leave your computer on while your away.

Just get it.

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