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Use Thunderbird To Track Firefox 2.0

Mozilla has released the roadmap for Firefox 2.0.  The tentative scheduled release date is June 27, 2006.  Of course, we all know that this date will be pushed back probably at least a month if not more.  But, you can see their scheduled plans day by day until they release the final version.

First, you need to visit the Mozilla wiki for Firefox 2.0, and download two files.  The first is a schedule for the releases and planning stages.  The second file is a todo list for features and upgrades.  The files use the iCal schedule format and can be viewed wonderfully in the Calendar extension for Thunderbird.

Once opened, you can track the progress of the project.  You won't be able to update the calendar through the web from the project team, but, rather you will just be able to see exactly where they are and where they are going.   You probably won't find this useful information if you are not a Firefox junkie, but chances are, you are at least using it to view my site as the majority of visitors do.  To me, this is exciting, as I love the browser, and can't wait for the first alpha release to hit the web.

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