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My Firefox Extension List

Firefox Extension ListI just finished the Ultimate Firefox Extension List for Junkies. It is an exhausting list of every extension that I use with Firefox including themes and search engines. Every item on the list is currently installed in every Firefox installation that I have. Many of those items I install before even using the browser. You can find a link on my blog to the page in the right hand sidebar.

This list of extensions is why I love Firefox so much. I love the fact that I can extend the capability of the browser far beyond what the original developers had in mind. For example, one extension that should be built into Firefox by default should be FireFTP. I just can't imagine using a browser that does not have a builtin FTP program. It just makes sense, does it not?

The list is ever-changing as I come across extensions, themes and search engines that I find useful. So check back for any updates.

Many people that I have shown this list to won't install extensions unless they come directly from the Mozilla site. That is fine, and understandable, however, I have had no issue with installing extensions from other sites. In fact, when the extension comes from another site rather than Mozilla, it seems to be much more professional and extensive, as is the case with the Google extensions. They also seem to be less buggy. I guess it is all up to you.

Every extension theme and search engine has been tested on the three major platforms. Mainly Windows XP, Mac OS X and Ubuntu Linux 5.10. Also, they have all been tested, and work with Firefox 1.5. Because 1.5 is the latest version of the Firefox browser. I have not tested these extensions fully on previous versions, although I used many of these extensions on previous versions. In other words, I don't care if they don't work on Firefox 1.0.* or earlier. Get the latest version.

With that said, many of these extensions do not play well with other extensions, and may crash your browser and/or delete your Firefox profile. The list of extensions your see pictured on the right all play well with each other, as I have had no problems to date. However, use at your own risk.

If you like the list, please link to the page rather than copying the list directly. I have spent a great deal of time on putting that list together, and would appreciate receiving the credit for it (compiling the list, not the extensions themselves). If you find any of those extensions useful, or if you use other extensions that you find incredibly useful, please drop me a line either in the comments or via email.

There are a few things left to add to the list to make it stand out even more. For example, I plan on changing the list bullet from the default black button to a star for the ones I think should be incorporated by default into the browser. An updated screenshot or two of each extension would prove useful too. Maybe a list of bugs and incompatibility issues with other extensions or browser versions would also be appropriate. At any rate, there is still a bit I would like to do to the list as time moves on.

Enjoy my list.

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  1. kj | January 4, 2006 at 4:24 pm | Permalink

    impressive list!

  2. rich | August 19, 2007 at 12:52 am | Permalink

    Quest for the perfect Firefox. I start by unleashing my animal using Ubuntu. This is the ultimate OS. Billed as the ideal crossover from Windwoes to Linux, I prefer to think of it as (With BERYL Enhancement Pkg !) what Vista couldAshouldA been. Emphasizing on Sec. Including against yourself(ActiveX). However I'm not selling Ubuntu right now, I'm gonna show you how to build a monster. Firefox can be tweaked and twisted into doing some really specific things. So I am going to leave some areas gray for your own personal preferences. I also suggest to leave some extensions disabled until they're needed. For me I love "Stumbleupon"It's similar to TiVo, It finds all your favorite sites you don't know are your favorites yet. And "FTP" Extension is a developer's server tool with all the bells and whistles w/o any outside downloads. And in a much smaller package that I probably couldn't live without SOME of the times. Which is why I leave them both disabled until needed. I rarely surf the internet, or upload files, So leaving them disabled is better computing. The nature of the beast lies in its appearance. I found a Theme called "PimpZilla", I swear I didn't make that up. It's got gold shiny sliders and icons that shimmer when moused over, a leopard skin and plush white shag upholstered panels. The colors I set my OS's theme to (purple and money green !) are inherited and transfer over very nicely thank you very much. If this doesn't fit your liking, however impossible that could be, there are a plethora of "Themes" to choose from on the Firefox add-ons page, along with all this other stuff mentioned. Except maybe for the things you might find in MozDev Mozilla's Development department. That's a MUST visit site where you find search engine "Plug-Ins" that will surprise you even exist. Things from Henry Potter, almost any University, local telephone books, even your chuch's directory, Search Mycroft for a "visual" search engine called "Kartoo" There are like 6 to choose from. Get the Kartoo in flash version. This was rated as one of the coolest available search sites. There are many Google Plug-Ins that can be accessed by simply entering command "hacks" inside the Google search box. Everyone should know at least the very basic Google "hacks". if you don't you have no idea how much easier life could be. If you really want to see the scary power of Google, how easy it is to use it to find credit card numbers, and enter someone's system. Let's face it Google dominates the web. There is some talk of privacy concerns with Google. I always lean to safety's side. Use the "BlackBox" - search plugins for ie7 and firefox2 - Search Plugin List you get the same results w/o the frills or Adwords. All of that is disabled with the anonymity of your query. I was shocked one day to find how detailed and far back Google's "My History" link took me. They also have a record of not just what text was sent, but even if it was ever typed out.(rumor?) There are several Extensions though that are MUST haves. Also, Get a Gmail acct. don't worry about any other email acct. you can probably just import it into your new acct. And the power of Gmail is awesome. Considering it's size, and applications available. Gspace allows access to upload just about any type of file directly into a Gmail acct. as if it were a second hard drive. When you consider it has nearly 3GB of space it has deffinate value. GUtill extension put most every Google ap or site there is. One click drops down 55 choices. BetterGmail is a MUST. GmailNotifier is also. Customize Google is another one that is really usefull in harnessing Googles power. If you type "about: config" in Firefox's address bar it opens your advanced user options. alot of people don't know are there. Cooliris is my most favorite extension. It puts a blue dot next to any link when moused over. Putting the cursor on the dot will instantly pop open that page in a smaller window. This is where it gets good you can do all kinds of stuff from there. You can highlight text and the window opens to Google, Google Images, Wikipedia, or Websters dictionary. You can even send whatever you find to someone in a email, or stack it for something I still haven't fully figured out. But the coolest thing is that it does any of those things in 3 clicks or less. AutoFill forms is a MUST, DownthemAll is a good download mgt system. "Fasterfox" is a MUST even though you can probably accomplish the same results yourself inside "about: conf". Finjan is a neat security tool that works quietly. Something I gave up on NoScript because of. It should be looked at though , it's powerful in the right hands,just not mine. "Flashblock" is another good optional extension I recommend. Foxmarks synchronizer Is a very cool tool that lets me access my book marks from any computer I use. It's nice also to keep them all organized. Image Zoom,foXpose and Tab Mix Plus are my newest additions that I have filled in what was missing, and seem to make it all come together Okay let's re-cap. Download Firefox. You can even routinely snatch up Firefox's FUTURE versions prior to general public just by joining Mozilla and helping with development. Which really only involves adjusting your settings to allow crash reports to be generated if anything fails. Beware however that newer versions can render extensions obsolete if they aren't compatible. Especially while still in development. Now find some tutorials and Hack sites to get some personalized info on whats out there. Find out how to set your URL bar "about: config" settings. Do this AFTER your extension preferences are set And go browse in style.

  3. Fuck Norris | March 22, 2008 at 6:57 pm | Permalink

    waw, really junkie 🙂
    And what about firefox search plugins ?
    lots can be found at
    (specific search for ubuntu wiki, launchpad or forum)
    i have a preference for generalist

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