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I got into this discussion with a student at school this morning. A professor wants to convert my proposed CS site from PHP to straight ASP. I don't understand why, for a number of reasons, why he would want to or even put himself through that. All OS preferences and biases aside, I argue that PHP is better than ASP/ASP.NET for one major reason. Let me show you visually. I am a visual person, and can comprehend things when explained visually much better.

Full Keyboard Layout

Do you see it? Look harder. No? How about now?

Partial Keyboard Layout

Apparently you don't see it, so I'll show you even a closer view.

Zoom Keyboard Layout

That's right. The character that the browser uses to recognize PHP code from regular HTML code is the '?' which happens to conveniently sit right next to the SGML characters as well as the shift button used for all three. What character does ASP/ASP.NET use? Oh, that's right- it's the modulus character '%' which sits halfway across the keyboard. Lazy? Better believe it! Please tell me of a coder who isn't. Please provide me the name of a programming software distributor/company who isn't. Programming is all about convenience.

That reminds me. Doesn't Microsoft, the Great Company who provided us with the convenience of ASP/ASP.NET, give us the '\' when navigating through the OS? Yup. UNIX/Linux/Mac/Every-other-non-IBM-or-MS-OS uses the '/' which conveniently sits next to '.' on the keyboard.

This is why PHP is superior to ASP/ASP.NET and why UNIX/Linux/Mac/Every-other-non-IBM-or-MS-OS is superior to Windows.

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