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Software For Starving Students

I had read on my OALUG mailing list that the SSS had been updated and released (v. 2006.01).  I slacked for a while checking it out, but finally decided today to see what all the buzz was about (it has been on my mailing list, reported on Digg, and a number of blogs that I subscribe).

I am impressed!  There are two versions available for download, namely Windows and Macintosh.  It comes as a 500+ MB CDROM image.  There is no direct link (at least not what I could find) and is only available via bittorrent.  Using Azureus as my torrent client, I was able to maintain a decent download and had it downloaded in no time.  I have read reports about getting troubles getting the torrent when at work or school, so I would recommend getting it at home.

The list of software is quite extensive, and very impressive.  Many of the utilities I already use, such as 7zip, Audacity, Enigma, Firefox, OpenOffice, PuTTY and many more.  I personally use other open source software for Windows and my wife's iBook that is not on that list, that I may compile later, or suggest for the SSS team.

If you haven't checked it out, do it.  You will be surprised.

You're welcome.

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