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Misconceptions About Community

Nothing is more frustrating, than trying to communicate with an anti-Linux person.  Espically, if such a person makes claims that there are only two types of "nerds" in the Linux camp:

  1. The Elite
  2. The Newbies

Within The Elite, they claim that you have:

  1. The Slashdotters
  2. The Arrogant
  3. The Anti-Microsoft

Within The Newbies, the claims are laid as:

  1. The Trolls
  2. The Wannabes
  3. The Annoying

Not only do these people make up the falacy that these are the only users, but that in fact there is no community in Linux.  I have been told by such people that when they looked for help in the forums, newsgroups and IRC channels, the only response they got was "Google it!" or "That question was already ask.  Do a search!".

First off, nothing can be further from the truth.  Linux users and Microsoft users have a one-to-one relationship.  For every advocate in one camp, there exists such an advoacate in the other.  For every developer in one camp, there exists such a developer in the other.  Literally, there are all types of users in both camps.  You will find all types of people in all types of operating systems.  It's the stereotypes that get me.

Second, if anything, I have found the opposite to be true with respect to community.  When I visit a Microsoft forum or newsgroup, I have found that questions remain unanswered, or people tell them to look elsewhere.  Yet, when visiting such Linux related services, like, most people get overwhelming very positive responses.  More than they can handle.  In fact, maybe a little too much.

Most of the Linux users enjoy very strong community.  In fact, we are very passionate users, as many Microsofties are too.  However, our passion, unlike Microsofties, is very forward, and as such, we come across very bold, thus the stereotypes.  The actual users who fit the stereotypes just don't exist much in the community, however.  Such users are short-lived, and end up going back to whence they came, whether it be Microsoft, Mac or whatever.

I thought I would share this tidbit as I have accepted a new position in the Linux community that I am excited about.  No doubt I will post about it on this blog, just not now.

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