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DSL and Debian

What is the ultimate sign of a true nerd? When the nerd is carrying two Linux CDs in his wallet. That is exactly what I have in my wallet right now (well, actuall, DSL in my CDROM right now as I type). Two 210MB pocket CDs in plastic cases. One, a network intall of Debian and the other a Live CD/install of Damn Small Linux.

Why would I carry these two distros in my wallet? What's the purpose? To show off the geek? To announce my lack of a real solid social life? Not really, but to help solve various computer problems, including Windows issues, and to help show off Linux.

DSL was only a 50MB iso, and Debian was only 180MB. So both had no problem at all burning on the CD-Rs. Of course, both are targeted for the i386 CPU architechture. There are other architectures covered when downloading Debian, including powerpc and sparc. The Debian also comes in a 40MB iso for the credit card CD-Rs.

Being an Ubuntu freak, I have to have Debian-based distros. Obviously Debian, but DSL is also Debian based, so it works for me great.

EDIT:  Using a USB thumb drive, external hard drive or floppy (does anyone use these anymore?!), you can save the settings and files from DSL for use when you relaunch DSL on your next round.  Cool.

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