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OALUG and Me

I have just recently accepted a new position within the OALUG.  For the longest time, I was Install Fest Coordinator.  Now, I am the Big Bad Boss.  Well, I am not really that big, although I am gaining weight, and I don't think I am all that bad.  I don't think I have a bossy disposition either, hopefully.

That's right, I am the new OALUG president.  I think I am #3, although I am not entirely sure.  I am excited to serve.  I have a few goals and aspirations, which are listed here, and many ideas.

First, the time, date and location of when the OALUG has changed.  In fact, it has become more frequent.  We are now meeting the second Wednesday and last Saturday of every month at 7pm.  Tuesdays will be held at the WSU Davis Campus (I am still working on a room) and Saturdays will be held at the WSU Main Campus in B2.  The reason for the late time on both days, is because everyone preferred meeting nights to days.

Why hold a Linux group meeting twice a month on different days at different locations?  Easy, because not everyone could accommodate our initial Saturday morning meeting for both time and location reasons.  By extending our meetings to the Davis Campus and switching up the days and moving to evening, we are able to reach more users, thus strengthening community.  Sure, I can't meet everyones needs all of the time, but I can meet a great majority of the people.

So, what are some of my goals becoming the new President?  Well,

  1. Increase the turnout by more than triple.
  2. Spread the word about Linux and open source software.
  3. Increase the capabilities and skills of every Linux user.
  4. Build community.
  5. Have fun.

First and foremost, I want to increase our numbers.  There is strength in numbers.  By bringing more people to the fold, we are increasing our capability as a group.  Every member comes with skills and attributes that other members can benefit from.  A strong community will be built.  This community will not only come from college students, but hight school students and graduated adults as well.  Male and female, young and old, rich and poor, etc.  As such, we should be able to hold great meetings.

Next, we need to spread the word about Linux around the Ogden area.  Too many people near where I live have not heard of Linux nor the benefits that come with using it.  Spreading such a word could begin at the Applied Technology Centers in both Weber and Davis.  Novell and Iomega are both local companies that we could draw support and power from (not to mention swag).

Finally, we need to remember that computing can be fun.  A lot of fun.  For me, Linux brings a ton of fun into computing.  I enjoy booting into a Linux system and learning something new.  I get the same enjoyment when in Mac or Windows, but it doesn't happen as often.  I want to convey that fun spirit when working with Linux.  Of course, we will also hold parties and most meetings will have food and drink to ease the atmosphere.

Those are my goals and aspirations for the group.  It will take some time, and I won't be able to accomplish everything I want myself.  I need a team put together that can help me reach them.  A strong team, a committed team and a motivated team.  If you are living in the Ogden area, and interested, leave a comment or fire me an email.

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