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Totally Awesome Computers, Guns, Flying Sports, etc. Bites The Bullet

Ahh, that's too bad. The annoying, arrogant, self-promoting, immature, cocky, whiny, sorry excuse for a computer wannabe "Super Dell" and his even more annoying computer company are going under. They are closing all the Totally Awesome <insert object here> (no, he doesn't get the benefit of a link) stores for good?

Why? I guess brandishing a gun on someone who threatens to smash your black Jag tail light with a rock because you were doing 75 in a residential 25 is just causing too much financial litigation to keep your head above water. He has dealt with many other issues as well. Bummer! At least I won't have to put up with those stupid television commercials any longer.

There is a God after all.

How do I know this news? A coworker has a brother who used to work for them. Until they let their employees go today.

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