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Ubuntu Named Linux Distribution of the Year

Ubuntu LogoZDNet has run an article about Ubuntu claiming yet another award to it's already long list. You can find the full article here.

In a nutshell, ran a poll for users to submit what distro they think should claim the top spot. Ubuntu took the lead with 19.5% of votes, narrowly beating out Slackware by less than .5%.

This is definitely not the last of awards that we will see come from this great distribution. No doubt, when Dapper Drake 6.04 is released next month, more awards will be added to the already impressive stack. Just visit the Ubuntu news page for just a few of the awards won.
I believe in Ubuntu. I have passed out free pressed CDs to university students at WSU and to my coworkers. As you are probably aware, Ubuntu is the server behind this blog, and it resides on all of my 3 main computers at home. When using my wife's iBook, I use the Ubuntu Mac LiveCD more often than I use OS X itself. In my opinion, Ubuntu is what Linux has been working towards since its inception. Heck, Ubuntu is a better Debian than Debian is.

Anyway, congrats to Mark Shuttleworth, Canonical, and of course, Ubuntu and all of it's developers! I personally look forward to what the Ubuntu future brings.

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