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I have the opportunity to work with a great guy.  He is very open minded, and a strong open source and free software advocate.  In fact, politically, his views are right inline with the Dali Lhama.  If there would be one word I would use to describe him, it would be "expression".  As such, I am honored to talk about his current effort U.G.O.T.T.A.

User Groups Online Talking To All.  U.G.O.T.T.A. is an open minded movement to create and instill in others the freedom of expression.  Mainly focused in the Salt Lake Valley, it is a group of people focused on expressing themselves through the internet through blogs, forums, wikis, mailing lists and other tools.  The site is to help Internet users communicate through the web more effectively.

What I find interesting about this site is its ideals.  These ideals follow right inline with what our Founding Fathers of the United States had in mind.  They follow right inline with the Electronic Frontier Foundation.  They are inline with the Free Software Foundation, the Open Source Initiative, and many, many other social liberty ideals.  Overall, it's the idea of community over monopoly, society over government.

Unfortunately, his numbers are scarce at best, and he needs a little exposure/advertising.  So here's the thing.  I know a great portion of my readers are in the Salt Lake area.  Yeah, I have more spread around the globe, but a great deal here.  So, readers, check it out.  Please.  If it isn't for you, at least refer someone who you think would be interested.

Let me make one thing clear.  This group isn't devoted to just computers, or software, etc.  This group is about the freedom of expression online.  Topics can range from anything under the sun.  Politics, quilting, computers, cars, games, etc.  The goal is to get people to understand that they have a voice online, and tools to carry it.

Anyway, I am impressed with the group Kyle!  Good work.  You have a member here, and I hope that the numbers increase.

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