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Mozilla Suite and Seamonkey vs... uh, other Mozilla Software

There are always interesting discussions in the Linux community, espcially those discussions that focus on open source software. Religous, political, ethical and moral ideals can come flying right out of the bag. Sometimes annoying, other times, entertaining, and sometimes, just sometimes educational. Hanging out in IRC, I engaged with an interesting conversation about Mozilla Suite software, mainly Seamonkey vs Firefox and Thunderbird.

I was never a big fan of the Mozilla Suite. The big reason is its horrible themes, and its less than innovative features. When Firefox and Thunderbird came out, they fit like a glove. Everything I was looking for in an application was there, or I could add it. And it seemed much more streamlined. So, without much thought, I made the switch.

I'm glad I did, and I don't think I'm looking back. But the argument made for Mozilla Suite in this IRC session, was why call the engine twice when both Firefox and Thunderbird when you can call it only once with Seamonkey? Good question. I hadn't thought about that before. I guess I could save a little more RAM now that I think about it.

But here's the thing. First, can I have all my extensions and bookmarks that I have in Firefox? I rely way too much on my extensions to just give them up. Speaking of which, I need to update my Ultimate Firefox Extension List For Junkies. Next, are there some decent skins outside of the "Modern" look? I want something more attractive yet simple. Much like the default theme in Firefox and Thunderbird. And lastly, will I really notice a difference if I make the switcheroo from Firefox/Thunderbird to Seamonkey?

I guess in the meanwhile, I am going to stick with the Firefox/Thunderbird combo. It's served me well and I don't see the need to make the switch other than the RAM issue. Am I missing something big here? And BTW, why does Mozilla have so many applications that are basically the same thing? Firefox and Mozilla browser? Thunderbird and Seamonkey? Sunbird and Mozilla Calendar? I think some reorganization needs to take place.

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