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My Contribution To Ubuntu

Aside from being a member of the Ubuntu-Utah team and the Unofficial Ubuntu Document Storage Facility team, I have decided to contribute more.  Frankly, I don't know why I haven't thought about this before.  I guess it took a little poking and prodding to get me going.

I am hosting the latest Ubuntu stable release (Breezy) for all three architectures as torrents.  I plan to expand my collection by including the previous releases of Hoary and Warty, and also include Xubuntu, Kubuntu, and nUbuntu.  This includes the DVD and CD isos.  When future releases come out, such as Dapper in June, I will host those as well.

Why?  Because I want to give back to the Ubuntu community what it has given to me.  Ubuntu is the best Linux distro out there, and rock solid.  Even the hard core Debian advocates agree.  So why not make it available for everyone, regardless?

Continuing on that topic, I would like to see Weber State University be a mirror to many of the popular Linux distros.  Not only for the outside world, but for in the network too.  How cool would it be for students to download the latest Linux distro on a 100/10 network?  Talk about speed.  The UofU and BYU mirror distros, so there is no reason why WSU can't.  I think I'll send the network admin an email.

Anyway, hosting the Ubuntu torrents makes me feel like I did a good deed.  Kinda like giving community service.  And the best part, is there is no work on my end.  I just let my computer sit and seed.

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