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My Issues With Gaim

Okay, so it may be late (it's almost 4 in the morning), but I can't sleep. I suffer from insomnia. I have for years. Luckily, it isn't too bad, however, people tell me that if I suffer from insomnia, I probably have apnia, which could kill me. I better get to the doctor, and get that checked out.

Anyway, I feel that the best way to deal with my insomnia, instead of watch lame infomercials on television, is hang out in IRC, like I do during the day anyway. I guess other people must sleep, however, because no one is on tonight, including IM, which sucks.

So, I thought I would go through my IM contact list, and begin weeding out contacts that I no longer use. During this weeding process, I thought of a better organizational structure using subgroups within groups. To my dismay, I found that Gaim v1.5.1cvs does not support subgroups. This is the second feature that I find would be incredibly useful for many users, but is not included.

The first feature I stumbled across, that should be implemented at all costs, is sending a single message to multiple contacts. Every other IM client I have used, whether on Windows, Mac or Linux, has this feature. Gaim does not. Upon investigation of the feature requests, I see that every request to add this feature has be rejected.

Themes aren't a big deal to me, as for the most part, I am not an eye candy person, and prefer my RAM to look. Except when it comes to XGL. That's a different matter entirely. I don't care much for emoticons or cool sounds either. I only use 🙂 😉 or 😀 for my smilies, and I always have my system on mute unless listening to music.

But those two features I mentioned earlier should definitely be implemented in v2.0.

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