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An Open Letter to Jerry A. Taylor

First, take a good long hard look at this screenshot.

Second, check out this mug of Tuttle Mayor and City Manager Jerry A. Taylor.

Third, read this email exchange.

Lastly, read this news entry on The Tuttle Times site.

Before we move on, make sure you don't read any further before you completed the first 4 steps above. If you're familiar with the whole ordeal, then let's roll.

Dear Jerry-

You're famous! Unfortuantely, you're a blooming idiot. But that's okay. You're still famous. The world wouldn't go 'round without blooming idiots, so your place is needed in the world. First, I want to comment on your "22 years computer experience." Looking over your page on the City of Tuttle web site, I don't see any computer related duties or jobs that you have listed in the "Background and Qualifications" section of the page. I do see, however, "Program Manager 22 years" listed at the bottom for Raytheon Company. My question is this: were you, technically speaking, a manager of programmers (people who sit at computers writing software and programs), or a manager of programs (events held within the company or at varying locations)? Because, I tend to think, again- just looking over your "Backgroud and Qualifications", that you were a manager of programs and events that the company held either internally or with clients at different locations. Opening up a web browser, your email, word processing and spreadsheets don't necessarily qualify as "22 years computer experience", if you ask me.

But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt. Suppose you do in fact have "computer experience" beyond email and word processing. Why can't you recognize a default Apache installation page? Maybe you aren't familiar with Apache web servers? Okay, I'll take that. But certainly, you've heard of Linux. Maybe not CentOS specifically, but Linux for sure. No? All right then. I assume you at least read over the page and came to the knowledge that it is in fact a default page after a successful install of a web server (you have to at least know what one of those is with your "computer experience") on a very specific operating system, namely CentOS. Oh that's right, you didn't read it over, instead, began legal threats with the FBI. So, I guess I'm failing to see where your "computer experience" falls exactly.

Now, I'm going to take a drive down logic road. Bear with me here Jerry, because I know this isn't your strong point. Just think for a second. If your site was in fact defaced by hackers, why would they provide you with the means to contact them and resolve the issue? That's just suicide. I have seen defaced sites, and trust me, they're anything but friendly and courteous. Usually, they are vandalized with porn, vulgar language or some punk artwork/graffiti. They don't tell you how to fix the issue, and they definitely don't tell you how to contact them. So, again, someone with "22 years computer experience" should be familiar with this.

At any rate, I had a great laugh at your expense. You brightened my day. I hope you and your "22 years computer experience" work well together, and I hope that I never have to take a job at Tuttle City where you're my boss. Your ignorance and blatant stupidity would drive me batty.

Trully entertained,
Aaron Toponce

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