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I hate 'em.  Nothing is worse than getting the hiccups.  Escpecially when they are very violent and seem to last for a long time.  Well, yesterday, I just got a major hiccup, and this one is going to last for a long time.

Two days ago, I posted about Open Discussion Day, and how I will be making the switch to the open IM protocol Jabber and leaving the legacy IM services.  I was excited, yet nervous.  Kinda like making the plunge into Linux for the first time.  Not exactly sure how things were going to work out.  Well, it looks like I might not be making the switch fully after all.

My sister is serving an 18-month mission in Texas for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  She left in October of last year, which means we won't be seeing her until April or May of next year.  She is doing an awesome job out there, and really progressing the work of the Lord.

Well, yesterday, I received quite the surprise.  She sent me an instant message via MSN.  I was shocked.  I thought they could only check their email from an email service provided by the Church.  So when did instant messaging become okay?  After talking about it, I guess the Mission President gave them the OK, as long as it is family and just on preparation day.

We had a good long conversation, and she is going great out in the field.  It is really wonderful to hear from her.  But know what do I do?  I can't make the switch to Jabber on May 19th now.  How is that going to go over?  "Thanks sis, but no thanks.  My beliefs in OSS are more important than my relationship with my family.  So I won't be able to talk to you any more."  Yeah, right.

So now I struggle.  I struggle with still connecting to a proprietary protocol even though I want really bad to make the switch to Jabber and become proprietary-free.  Jabber does have the ability to use "transports", or connect to legacy IM services through Jabber itself.  But that is kind of like running WINE in Linux just so you can use your Windows software.  Why not just use Windows itself?

At any rate, I now have the hiccups, and I am struggling very much on what to do.  I could just tell people that if they ask for my IM account, I can tell them Jabber while still keeping my MSN account for my family.  I could use Jabber exclusively, and connect to MSN using the Jabber transport.  Or I could just leave MSN and all the rest altogether, seeing as though I and thousands of other missionaries never had the option to IM their families while serving a mission, so why should I give her that priviledge?

I guess there are many ways to get rid of these hiccups, it just seems that none of them work.

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