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Damn Small Linux Not is Not Damn Small Linux

Image of Damn Small Linux Not logoI love DSL. It is become the best solution I have come across for data recovery and all around troubleshooting. Since downloading, burning to a business card cd, and placing it in my wallet only three months ago, I have already used it a number of times. Mostly, just to show off, but a couple of times to recover data off of a hard drive. It is extremely useful.

Well, I just stumbed across DSL-N. DSL-N is not a DSL replacement or continuation. Think of it more as a fork to the current DSL releases. DSL-N is focused on the latest kernel, better sfotware and a more robust window manager (Fluxbox). Yet, DSL-N focuses on being small, even if it is 60% larger than its DSL cousin.

There are still compact solutions for DSL-N, even if it won't fit on a 55MB business card cd. First, if the hardware supports it, you can boot DSL-N off of a USB thumb drive. At only 85MB in size currently, practically any thumb drive you purchase will hold it just fine with plenty of space for data files and the such. If you don't have a USB thumb drive, and still want to boot off of the cd, I would recommend the mini-cds that fit 210MB of space. They are only 1.5" in radius, and fit perfect in a backpack or pocket.

Currently, I haven't tried it as I am downloading it now, and it's only at 84%.  However, I have the DSL bug.  It is so lightweight as snappy, even on really old hardware.  It's fun to carry around, and show to friends and family.  Even better, because this can install on a USB thumb drive, there is no need for harddrives.  All settings and files are stored locally on the USB drive.

Anyway, quit reading my post about how crazy I am with DSL and just download it.

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  1. [...] I downloaded a copy of DSL-N last night, per Aaron’s suggestion, and played around with it.  I got it successfully installed on my USB stick, but my computer wouldn’t boot off of it.  It just said ‘boot failed’ even though I know I had the BIOS setup to access it.  Maybe you need a special USB bootable stick.  I’m not sure. [...]

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