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More Spam Morons

(In the voice of Dr. Evil) Bwahahahaha!   Hahahahahaha!!   Mmmmwahahahahaha!!  HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!   MMMMWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!  Mmmmmhmmm!!   Hmmmm hmmm!  hmm hmm.  hmm.  Okay.

Seriously, I think I am getting too much of a kick out of comment spam recently.  It is just so entertaining.  Here is the latest, that actually passed all the spam checks in Spam Karma, and made it through to the blog itself:

From: Use Keyword Here
Post: Welcome
Comment: Personally, I never use more than a single link in the comment I post because doing so can trigger spam catchers if the user has that plugin activated, whereas a single link will not.

Well, "Use Keyword Here", my plugin does a little more than just counting the number of links in a comment post.  It also checks for a valid JavaScript and encryption payload (both of which are commonly found in normal web browsers (which help identify people instead of bots)), and your IP address against others that have been "spanked" as spam.  And that is just getting started.  It cacluates "karma points" based on these criteria and others.  If your points are high enough, it passes through.  Otherwise, you sit with the rest of the comments in database prison, never to be published.

What is great, however, is that I can review the passed comments, and manually "spank" comments as spam as I please.  Unfortunately, although you make a good point about the number of links in a comment, your email address was "", and your name pointed to an ad-infested site (luckily, I have the adblock plus extension in Firefox, and didn't see a single ad).  So, even though you make a good point "Use Keyword Here", I personally think you're spam, and your IP has been blacklisted.  Sorry.  However, thanks for brightening up my day today, because it was a rough one.

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