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Site Down

Unfortunately, the site that I have been designing and maintaining for the CS department is no more.  Supposedly, the Dean of the University wants all departments to adhere to the COAST web page standard, so my site got the boot.

For most the day, I have been upset, and very, very frustrated.  I have been trying to deal with it as best I can, and I don't think anyone really understands how frustrating it trully is.  However, it is now water under the bridge.  Maybe some day, I'll despense with the details, but as for now, I am letting it go.

If any of the CS faculty read this blog, thanks a million for giving me, a student, the opportunity of a lifetime!  I really enjoyed every minute with the site, and working with each of you.  From what I have felt, every CS faculty member has been more than supportive.  Again, thanks.

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