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Google Is Whining Yet Again

You have to love it, when you stumble upon pages like this one at The New York Times.  I just have to weigh in my $0.02.

First off Google, it is undisputed that you own the search engine arena.  No one comes close.  So why in the world are you whining that MSIE 7 will be using MSN as it's default search engine?  You have a problem with a company using their own software inside of their own browser??  Maybe I missed something here.  Don't you already have Google as the default browser in both Opera and Firefox, the two largest threats against MSIE?  Okay, that is what I thought.

The only issue that I can see raised here is if Microsoft does not provide other search engines in the list, such as Google and Yahoo, giving users more choices.  But then again, they don't have to.  And I don't see MSN in the default Firefox list.  However, maybe if you paid for the top spot, as you did for Firefox and Opera, you might just get it.

I guess I just see this whole issue as Coca-Cola bottling Pepsi alogside it, just because it is fair, and gives the better choices.  Please.

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