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DDoS On Bluesecurity

Bluesecurity is fighting the good fight.  Unfortunately, the spammers are hell-bent over bringing them down.  Three days ago, Bluesecurity began suffering DDoS attacks.  Bluesecurity tried to wait it out, but found it wasn't going to be letting up any time soon.  They then moved their domain to the Six Apart servers hosting a Typepad blog.  It didn't take long before the spammers followed, taking down the Six Apart servers and knocking Typepad and Livejournal offline for nearly 8 hours.

As it sits now, I can no longer report my spam to Bluesecurity and the Bluesecurity site has been taken offline.  However, I am confident that Bluesecurity will bounce back with stronger hardware and a more dedicated line.  This is only a hiccup in the fight against spam.  I will let my spam collect until the service is restored, then they will get hit hard.  If this is the end of Bluesecurity, which I hope not, we'll find other resorts to put spammers where they belong.  In hell.

A further report of this story can be found at Netcraft.

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