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OpenDocument Approved As An ISO/IEC Standard

This is good news, even if it is a week old.  Andrew Updegrove gives us the news:

The six month voting window for ISO/IEC adoption of the OASIS OpenDocument Format (ODF) standard closed on May 1, and at midnight (Geneva time) last night it was announced internally that ODF had been approved by the ISO members eligible and interested in casting a vote. The vote passed with broad participation and no negative votes (there were a few abstentions), and ODF is now ISO/IEC 26300. While there are still some procedural steps internal to ISO/IEC that are required before the official text of the standard will be finalized and issued, these steps (described below) are formalities rather than gating factors.

Way-to-go!  I was worried for quite some time that the lisence-ridden OpenXML from Microsoft would beat them to the punch or tie them down in legalities and court costs.  Glad to see that didn't happen.  This is just great news, and for those who don't read Groklaw, I had to share.

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