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Dvorak, Dvorak, Dvorak

Seeing as though May 19th (Open Discussion Day) is coming up rather quickly, I won't have anything to countdown to once that passes.  As such, I made another goal for myself.

For the faithful readers, you are already aware that I have been typing using the Dvorak language for some time.  Well, it hasn't been 100%.  Because of the pressing deadlines at work, unfortunately, I am forced to use QWERTY because of my speed.  However, I realize that this is only holding me back, so starting on my birthday, June 9th, QWERTY will no longer be in my typing.

Why?  Why Dvorak?  Well, I have seen the reports and the numbers of Dvorak vs. QWERTY.  Needless to say, I am curious.  I am interested in increasing my typing speed, improving my accuracy and reducing the chances of RSI.  Because I sit at a keyboard all day long, reducing the risk of RSI is very important to me.

So, how do you make the switch?  Well, for me, when at home, I only type in Dvorak.  When at work, I spend a minimum of 30 minutes every day practicing.  I already know the entire layout, including characters, and I can type around 15-20 words per minite.  That's nothing to my 75-80 on QWERTY, but hopefully, I'll be there, or close to, by my birthday.

If your interested in giving Dvorak a try, it is installed on all the major operating systems, including Linux, Mac and Windows.  So, for me, going from one computer or operating system to another, won't be that big of an issue.

By the way, this post was typed in Dvorak, as have been the previous 15 or 20 posts.

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