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Ubuntu vs Gentoo, Preliminaries

Well, this really isn't the true start of the comparisons, but mainly a post to let you know that I haven't forgotten this topic.

First off, I don't have another computer lying around at which I can install a working Gentoo system, so I need to use a virtual machine. So, the biggest headache has been trying to get ANY Linux system installed period in Microsoft VirtualPC 2004 (it's being installed at work). There were kernel panics about 10 seconds into the boot process regardless of distro.

It was annoying! I really want, no need, to get a working distro installed at work so I can begin porting over all of our applications and software to Linux (don't ask) and begin showing my coworkers that Linux is superior to Windows and how.

The IT manager just upgraded my workstation and as such I now had a SATA2 hard drive where previously it was just IDE. So I figured the kernel panics had to do with the drive itself, however, upon further investigation, I discovered that VirtualPC needed a service pack upgrade (why are they called 'service packs' instead of just 'updates' or 'bug fixes'?). Once the upgrade was made, I booted Gentoo LiveCD 2006.0 with no problem, although it was exceptionally slow. I played around a bit, then realized that the final bell had rung, and I was on my way home.

So, now that I have a working virtual machine, which will soon house a Gentoo install, I imagine that more Ubuntu vs. Gentoo posts will come about.

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