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iPod Alleged Sweatshops

I am not going to comment one way or the other on this matter. Just bringing it to your attention, and you can come to your own conclusions.

Apple is allegedly using Chinese sweatshops to produce their iPods. According to ZDNet, these sweatshops in China are allegedly paying their workers, which happen to mainly be female, as little as 27 pounds per month. In American dollars, that's about $50. These alleged sweat shops have a total "population" of 200,000 workers. They work 15 hour days and are secured by armed guards. Visitors are not permitted. When they go home, they live in dormatories that house 100 workers a piece.

If these allegations are true, this could dim Apple's bright appearance and hurt business. For those of you weilding iPods, hearing this news, how does your little companion look to you know? Will you ever look at Apple Computer the same?

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