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Groklaw Book Review on "The Debian System, Concepts and Techniques"

I was surprised today to see a book review on one of my favorite books, "The Debian System, Concepts and Techniques," by Martin Krafft. I have this book and I have to agree with Carla Schroder that there isn't anything about the book that I don't like either.

I have read it through a few times, and to me, the amazing aspect of Debian is the Debian Manifesto. Bascially, the manifesto called for a new Linux distribution that would be developed and maintained in an open manner similar to the Linux kernel itself. Other impressive docs, all of which are in the book in the appendices, are the Debian Social Contract and the Debian Free Software Guidelines. These documents really show the charater and substance of the Debian/GNU system. Heck, if I wasn't an Ubuntu user, I would be a Debian user. I heard this once in an IRC channel, and loved it: "Debian is a Linux distro for the passionate and the committed". I couldn't agree more.

Anyway, the book is phenomenal. I would recommend anyone reading it, even if you aren't using a Debian-based distro. If anything, it will help you see where the developers and maintainers of Debian stand in regards to Open Source. It will also show you the vast array of documentation that is available for that distribution.

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