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Geeky Pronunciations

At the Ubuntu-Utah meeting yesterday, we had a fun argument about how to pronounce 'GIF'. I am in the 'jif' camp, only because when the letter g is followed by an a, o or u, it is pronounced hard. If it is followed by an e, i or y, it is soft. There are exceptions of the rule, of course, and there are other phonetic rules that interfere, like the r controlled vowels. However, this got me thinking about other pronunciations in the English vernacular. Here is how I say the following. The word on the left with the pronunciation on the right. The stress of the word is in capital letters, and separated by syllables.

  • GIF- Jiff
  • PNG- Ping
  • Ethereal- eh THEAR ee ul
  • Debian- DEH bee uhn
  • Ubuntu- oo BUN too
  • Gnome- NOHm
  • SuSE- ZOO zuh
  • SQL- ess que EHL
  • Linux- LIHN ucks
  • Daemon- DEE muhn
  • amaroK- AAM uh rock
  • Xfce- ECKS face

Did I miss any?

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