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Why I Don't Run Windows, 3

Microsoft is supposed to be the king of innovation, yet they come up with this garbage:

OK. Let's look at these a each a little more closely. First, the Ultimate Keyboard. I'd like to know where the naming scheme came from for that one. What makes the keyboard "ultimate"? Well, first, it has an authentic metal look. Second, it has the Windows button in 3, not just 2, different locations. Third, it has no 10-key. Fourth, it has... wait. No 10-key!!? And this is supposed to be the absolute Ultimate?! Heh. Please. To me, it looks just like another wireless keyboard and mouse with Bluetooth and back-lit keys. In other words, just a normal keyboard. Without a 10-key.

OK, next, Windows Automotive. For those who have read my blog before Pthree, know that I've griped about this before. Windows Automotive is another excuse for Microsoft to bring Windows into every little niche of your life. It isn't enough that they are in you den, pocket, phone, living room and even slot machines. They have to be in your car too. I have been in a vehicle with Windows Automotive actually. Surprisingly enough (sarcasm), the owner of the vehicle had more trouble with it. When starting his car, sometimes it would boot, sometimes not. When booted, it greeted you with an annoying voice. He didn't know how to turn it off, and it wasn't coming through the car speakers. All the features that came with it, like web browsing, development tools (who's going to develop in their car??? Honestly!), and WMA/MP3 playback he never used. Finally, he noticed that when the unit has been on for a while, the screen gets fairly hot, and the unit slows to a crawl. When using the GPS, once it had over a 30-second lag. Luckily, he knew where he was going! All in all, this is just another failed product. If this is the first time you have heard of it, Microsoft has been at it since 1998. Know anyone with a car that has one? Didn't think so.

Last, but definitely not least, Pocket PC. You may ask what I could possibly pick on with Pocket PC. Well, for starters, it's Windows CE, it's bloated, and it's only getting worse. I have had my "fun" with Pocket PC, and still, after all these years, it still doesn't cut it compared to Palm. It's non-intuitive when navigating, it needs tons of RAM to run, applications don't exit memory when you hit the "x" button in the upper right-hand corner, all the devices are very bulky and heavy and even Pocket PC is prone to viruses. It's a nightmare in your hand. Surprisingly enough (again, sarcasm), they have copied Palm at just about every corner. Where's the innovation again?

I am glad that I am not associated with that company, and I am glad that I choose not to run their operating system.

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