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Nix Reflections

  • Why is running a flavor of Unix/Linux so cool?
  • Why is having a network of said computers in your basement even cooler?
  • Why are Debian, Gentoo and Slackware The Elite?
  • What makes SuSE, Fedora Core and Mandriva not?
  • *Nix chicks are hot.
  • When will GNU Hurd ever be released?
  • My wife is hot.
  • She runs *Nix.
  • What makes it so difficult for the Windows Lemmings to run *Nix?
  • If I had the choice between a multi-millon dollar sports car, or a Unix supercomputer, I'd choose the car.
  • I'd end up selling it anyway to build my own supercomputer.
  • It would kick Big Blue's a**!
  • Irssi is the bomb!
  • Jabber is the only way to go.
  • Maybe I should setup my own Jabber server.
  • I already have an IRC server.
  • And web, mail, database, SSH and OGG servers.
  • Why is it that I have more friends online than in real life?
  • Don't answer that!
  • Will Mark Shuttleworth abandon Ubuntu?
  • Why can't people see the evils of proprietary software?
  • Open Source is about trust.

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