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Edgy Isn't Ready

Well, duh. I is only at stage "Knot 2", which means it's still beta. However, with that said, I find it to be more alpha than anything.

Last night was one of the most unpleasant that I have had for a while. I decided to make the jump from Dapper to Edgy, thinking it would go fairly smooth. Heh. Boy, was I wrong. When all was said and done, I had over 30 broken packages, 300 unresolved dependancies, and X would not start.

And that's just the beginning.

Thinking to myself that I can downgrade just as easily as upgrade, I proceed to try and reset everything back to Dapper packages. Well, let's just say that Ubuntu, and probably most distros, don't work that way. It's easy to upgrade, but forget about downgrading. I broke more packages and created all sorts of mayhem on the machine.

Well, I realized that it was probably time to back up my config files and data, wipe the hard drive, and reinstall. And that is exactly what I did. Less than 20 minutes later, I had a clean Dapper 6.06.1 install. Everything is running nice and snappy, and very solid.

It's only when I start installing packages that I realized I didn't backup everything. Oh what a pain. GPG keys, Gaim settings, and more all lost. All because I thought I could make the simple upgrade from Dapper to Edgy Knot 2.

Is Edgy ready? If you ask me, definitely not!

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