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Goodbye Gaim- Forever

Since Open Discussion Day, I have connected personally to Jabber as my only means of IM communication, and I haven't looked back. I don't miss MSN, AIM, ICQ (although I am stuck using that at work), or Yahoo!. It's been wonderful connecting only to Jabber using my Gmail account.

Well, since connecting, I just need a client that connects to Jabber only. Because I only use Linux, I don't need one that is cross-platform compatible, although that would be nice if needed. Well, through the past little bit, I have been torn from what client to use. I want a client that has good encryption capabilities, and has SOCKS 5 proxy support. I want a client that can send a single message to more than one contact simultaneously, and I want a client that takes advantage of the features that Jabber offers, such as resources and priority. I don't care about eye candy, themes, plugins, or any of that.

Well, Gaim certainly isn't meeting my needs, and the Gaim devs aren't interested in listening to its user base. So it's goodbye Gaim. I don't see why I should use FOSS when the devs aren't listening to the Gaim community. Just browse through the feature requests, and you'll see what I mean.

So, from here on out, PSI meets all my needs great, with Gajim coming in a close 2nd. And, the Psi devs and Gajim devs are interested in their users and what they have to say.

Why am I posting this with such a negative tone? Because maybe I can help others who connect to Jabber see the light also, and if the Gaim devs ever stop by my blog, maybe they'll open their eyes a little, and make the client much more usable.

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