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Irrational Logic

Someone please, for the love of everything that is good and holy, explain the following to me. I am looking for rational, deductional logic, not opinions.

Why, when on IRC, I can use /me and /action, and no one could care less.

22:38:27                 atoponce dances
22:38:31                 atoponce is bored
22:41:05                 atoponce gets a drink

No one could care less. Everyone in the channel goes about their business, and life continues as normal. But, as soon as the word "away" is in the /me or /action, the whole IRC network is up in arms!

12:13:45                 atoponce is away: screen detached
12:13:51 < somedude> atoponce: don't do that. away scripts are annoying. thx.
12:13:59 < anotherdude> atoponce: away scripts suck
12:14:01 < wannabedude> atoponce: public away messages are lame, and you're
lame for using one. turn it off.

Uh, why? Again, I'm not interested in opinions. I want a hard core philisophical reason why away scripts suck. And if they suck so bad, what is so blasted difficult about /ignore away? Just curious. If anyone can shed light on this subject, I would be delighted.

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