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IceWeasel, Here I Come

Proposed IceWeasel LogoWell, it's rather unfortunate that the relationship between Mozilla and Debian ended this way. The whole argument over a trademarked logo is a little silly if you ask me. I look at this argument, and I see Mozilla to blame.

Mozilla: get over it. Open the logo and realize that no one is interested in putting Mozilla or your product under a bad shadow. The advantage of free software is people modifying it, and making it better. Which ultimately leads to your benefit as there will be patches and bug fixes coming upstream. But you don't do upstream, so I guess ultimately, it's your loss.

But even if you don't open the logo, let Debian, and others still continue to release Firefox without the logo. For crying out loud, it's a logo we are talking about. I thought that Firefox was OSS anyway. So by pissing and moaning about the logo, you ultimately want control, which is contrary to the tri-license that you have it under.

So I'm glad to see Debian and GNU take full advantage of the GPL'd code, and release a new browser without any of the restrictions of Firefox. I also love the name: IceWeasel. It's snazzy. I hope Ubuntu drops the Firefox package as well, and puts in IceWeasel as the default. Between Debian and Ubuntu, I'm confident that Mozilla will see a drop in market share with their browser, seeing as though IceWeasel is a different browser, and probably will have a different User Agent String.

At any event, way to go GNU and Debian, and shame on Mozilla. I'm already using IceWeasel, and it's great.

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