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I’ve been thinking about getting rid of the nvidia kernel graphics driver from my desktop at home for a while now.  I hardly ever play games, I’m certainly not an eye-candy whore in the least, and the only thing I run that needs GLX is Nev...

By: Christer Edwards Tue, 17 Oct 2006 06:59:13 +0000 Wow, it seems I just read about that news & the next blog I visit (yours) is already covering it. You sure don't waste any time.

I was just discussing the topic of closed vs open source this last week with herlo and, although we're both strong supporters of open source, agreed that simply being open source does not guarantee quality code. One example is much of my code. Its open but its junk! /me is lol 😉

I agree that in the situation of something like nVidia or ATI it would almost definitely provide better support (simply based on the widespread user base), but wouldn't be the case in all apps.