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I never really get personal on my blog. Mainly, it's all opinionated, heated, overly passionate and uninteresting. Frankly, I don't know why anyone reads my corner on the web. So, rather than ramble about some technology or cool tool, I'm just going to share a little about me. I may move this to a static page, but in the mean time, here you go. There may be more of these too. Who knows?

  • I prefer credit unions to banks.
  • I listen to Jazz music.
  • I support public radio and public television.
  • I support local bands, companies and services.
  • I prefer rescue animals to bred.
  • I prefer dogs to cats.
  • I am a Toyota man. Always have been, always will be.
  • I am not registered with a political affiliation, although I lean Green.
  • I encourage freedom of expression.
  • I fight against DRM, DVD encryption and music copyrights.
  • I can't dance.
  • I can play the piano and bass.
  • I'm still learning the banjo.
  • Green is my favorite color and 3 is my lucky number.
  • I believe in ghosts and UFOs
  • I don't believe dinosaurs existed on Earth.
  • I'm obsessive compulsive about germs, right angles and deja vu.
  • I don't like country music.
  • I have a personal mission statement.
  • Dr Pepper is the life blood of my veins.
  • Mr. Pibb is not the same thing.
  • I wish I was half as cool as my wife.
  • I support interdependence over Independence.
  • I generally don't like television.
  • I play chess fairly well and Go miserably.
  • I don't play video games much, if ever at all.
  • I enjoy Sudoku.
  • I want to be a member of Mensa.
  • Math is my favorite subject.
  • I enjoy studying different cultures with my wife every year for our wedding anniversary.
  • I support cultural adaption and change.
  • I am still searching for Buddha.
  • I have read the Koran.
  • I am Christian.
  • I can't have kids.
  • I am on the adoption waiting list.
  • I believe in security over convenience.
  • I fight political correctness.
  • I support the death penalty.
  • I am against war.
  • I am hard to get along with, and I wish it wasn't so.
  • I would like to complete a triathlon.
  • I love to swim.
  • I hate to run.
  • I collect watches, baseball cards and graphing calculators.
  • I support alternative energy and power.
  • I refuse to take medications or visit the doctor.
  • I support natural remedies to prescriptions or drugs.
  • I drink Green Tea.
  • I also drink Herba Mate.
  • I enjoy art.
  • I hate to read.
  • I love to read.
  • I am against public education.
  • I support private and charter schools.
  • I don't agree that the numerical representation of Pi is accurate, but I can't prove it.
  • Yet.
  • I believe joy is the purpose of life.

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  1. Gabriel | October 19, 2006 at 9:43 am | Permalink

    I can agree with 1/3,
    I have no opinion on 1/3,
    and, I strongly disagree with 1/3.

    I think we could get along. 🙂

    Fun post. I enjoyed learning a little about someone who's blog I read daily (via the Utah Open Source Planet).

  2. Clint Savage | October 19, 2006 at 4:00 pm | Permalink

    Yes, Mr Pibb is NOT Dr. Pepper. If anyone tries to tell me that it is, I just want to punch them in the nose.

    After reading your list, I figured out that I am more liberal than I thought I was, but still lean more to the right.

    Thanx for the post, it's good to know I actually understand my friends...somewhat.



  3. Dave | May 25, 2007 at 2:28 am | Permalink

    Did you realise that you both
    love to read,
    and hate to read?

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