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EdUbuntu Success

From the Ubuntuforums:

Weve just installed these two donated computers in a community nursury and breakfast/after schol club in Lincolnshire, England. The machines are 600mhz/128mb/4.2gig and they took about 3/4's of an hour to install and configure perfectly, and have cost the centre nothing!

The kids absolutely love them, most are from underpriviledged backgrounds and many of them have never used a computer before. As a result they will grow up computer literate. The Nursury just wanted to say a heartfelt thanks for all of the effort and long hours that the community has put into creating this supurb collection of software.

Keep Up the Good work!

Thank you (Ed)Ubuntu Team school class picture

Thanks to Steve for sharing this link. This is awesome! Very inspiring! My wife is a 2nd grade school teacher, so it makes wonder if it would be possible.... 🙂

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