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Mail Server Up

Yup. That's right. I *finally* got my mail server working. Good gravy! After almost a year of not only no mail from my domain to friends/family, but localhost mail was also down for over a year.

What does this mean? It means that after getting it up and running today, I had over 120 messages in my localhost inbox, and over 400 forwarded to my Gmail account. Yeah. That took some time to get through. 🙂

Why so many forwarded to Gmail? I use Spam Karma 2 for WordPress, and it sends logs to an email account of your choice. WordPress itself will send an email notifying you of new blog posts (for multiple authors) and new comments. So, every comment that was added from Dec 2005 to today was mailed, and well as the daily log files for Spam Karma.

What's great about this though, is my mail queue is now barely existent, and it seems like the feedback of my server is quite a bit snappy. Hmmm. Who would've guessed?

Now that the mail server is running, however, I am no longer interested in hosting a mailing list for OALUG seeing as though Google Groups is doing that part just fine. So I'll probably just go to localhost mail, and not worry about domain or external mail. We'll see. At any event, it was fun archiving all that mail in my Gmail account. 🙂

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