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Corel To Distribute Firefox with WordPerfect Office X3

This is good news.

As you are fully aware, most likely anyway, I don't use WordPerfect as: 1) it's not Free Software, and 2) it doesn't support ODF natively. However, with that said, this is great news, for a couple reasons. First, it tightens the competition with Internet Explorer as now, a major corporation is bundling Firefox with it's software. Second, it means Corel has Open Source on it's mind, which could possibly mean either opening up the WordPerfect Suite, or supporting ODF, which would put even further pressure on Microsoft Office (although, right now, it's really no competition, except that more and more users are requesting ODF and not OOXML (Office Open XML)).

Honestly, I don't think Corel will be opening up their WordPerfect Suite anytime soon, if ever. Rather, I see them more likely supporting ODF natively, and maybe even by default in future versions, giving up on maintaining the proprietary document binaries. This decision benefits everyone, especially clients/vendors, as they no longer need to rely on a particular software vendor for updates and support.

All in all, I applaud Corel making the move to bundle Firefox with it's WordPerfect Suite. Nothing but good can come from this.

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