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OALUG Status

Things are going well for the Ogden Area Linux Users Group, and I thought I would post a little bit about the status of the group.

For starters, we currently have 69 members on the mailing list. This is great news, as when I moved the mailing list to Google Groups, it initially started with about 40 or so. That's a 73% growth in less than 6 months!

The energy level is high, and activity is strong. At the last meeting, we had ~10 people in attendance. Although this isn't the best attendance that we've had, the ones who are attending are rock solid members, with an eagerness to learn about Linux and participate in the group.

My Steering Committee just rocks! I have the best volunteers heading the group. We have made some great progress in the group including getting XMission as a group sponsor, joining the O'Reilly, Apress, SAMS and Prentice Hall book programs, setting up an events calendar, IRC meetings in #oalug and setting up hands-on workshops.

Currently, we meet 4 times a month in 3 different locations and the meetings are going well. The biggest meetings will be the workshops that we are starting in January. Currently, we are looking at hosting a PHP workshop with the help of the Utah PHP Users group, and the interest is overwhelming and positive. I hope to have 20-30 people in attendance- which would really kick off the momentum of the group.

So thank you volunteers. Thank you members. Thank you sponsors. You are what make this group great, and I'm really looking forward to what the future brings.

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