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Ubuntu Open Week

Ubuntu Open Week is upon us. It starts today, and continues through Friday. It's on in #ubuntu-classroom and #ubuntu-freshers.

What is Ubuntu Open Week you ask? Ubuntu Open Week is the ability for Ubuntu users to get many of the questions that they have about Ubuntu answered. The channel is setup very much like a classroom where there will be a "teacher" presenting on a certain topic. Topics cover packaging, bugs, translations, LoCo teams, QA with Mark Shuttleworth, and much more. As far as I am aware, anyone can present on any topic. Just add yourself to the wiki page, and be ready when your time comes.

So far, I have been in the channel, keeping an eye on the conversation. Currently, there are over 300+ people in the channel, so there is quite a bit of noise. If have have an IRC client that will let you /ignore parts and joins, you may want to enable that. But overall, the content is good, and the channel is active and busy with presenters, questions and participation.

It's obvious that #ubuntu, the busiest IRC channel on the 'Net, was getting overcrowded and hard to handle. So, #ubuntu-classroom helps take the stress out of that channel for those who aren't looking for support, but still want instruction. #ubuntu should still be used for general support questions, but now, it seems to me that those who are looking for instruction in certain areas can get it without bothering those in #ubuntu, or getting ignored on the forums.

To me, this is what really strengthens community. Giving options to users. Utilizing various technologies to bring the community closer together. IRC, wikis, forums, mailing lists, IM, etc. Ubuntu is a strong thriving community. The best, if you ask me. And Ubuntu Open Week just made it stronger.

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