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"We're Going In A New Direction"

Looking back at the archives of this blog, it's overall theme and vibrancy has changed throughout the months, and honestly, I don't like where it's landed. So, this blog is taking a new turn and revisiting it's roots.

The initial reason this blog was put up, back in September 2005, was to provide an archive to Perl, Python and PHP (thus, the "Pthree"). It was to take a look at those languages from a scripting point of view. Being fairly new in all 3, I thought this would provide great tutorials to those languages for those who are also new to those languages. More importantly, it was to keep me working with those languages to improve my programming prowess. Well, it took a different direction, and it didn't take long either.

I'd like to go back to what this blog was initially designed for, and provide my experience in looking at those three languages. However, I admit that I am intimidated by the expertise of those out in the "real world". I fear that my experiences will be ridiculed by those of greater experience and knowledge. However, I'm going to take a step in the dark, and brave the journey. Starting tomorrow, the overall content of the blog will be in respects to Perl, Python and PHP with touches of Ruby and Bash all on GNU/Linux systems, primarily Ubuntu. Of course, comments are always open, and I encourage those of higher knowledge to help me identify what to fix or improve with my code. I plan to have a post up per day at a minimum.

This means that I'll need a good syntax highlighter for my blog. I have been using Geshi, and like it so far, but it needs a little tweaking. If anyone knows of a solid syntax highlighter, which cover the above languages, for the WordPress platform, I'm all ears.

I hope you enjoy the direction this blog takes.

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