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2007 Resolutions

Today is the day that men reflect on their lives, and decide to make changes, hopefully, for the better. But for me, rather than make some idle promises on goals on stuff that I am not working on (that I most likely won't do), I'm just going to try and improve on the things that I am currently doing. So, with that said, here are my resolutions for the upcoming year of 2007:

Goal: Reach my desired weight of 180 pounds.
Resolution: Currently, I am working out at 24-Hour Fitness in Murray. I usually either hit the pool or the cardio machines. Well, I need to keep at a workout level where I'm burning around 400 calories per session. I've been meaning to train for a triathlon, so that will be my motivation to keep this level of exercise up. Also, this past holiday, I decided to change my diet, and take an "agnostic vegetarian with a sense of balance" stance on eating. I define it as eating red meat rarely (once/twice a year), white meat on occasion (once/twice a month), and seafood regularly (once/twice per week); drinking green tea twice per day; completely eliminating starch (white rice, white bread, russet potatoes); completely eliminating soda (I'm on week 9 already for that (no more Dr Pepper)); removing my dependency on sugar.

Goal: Increase my knowledge of Perl, PHP, Python and Ruby, and become proficient at all 4.
Resolution: With the increase of Perl scripts that I have been writing at work, it's time to take Perl to the next level, and learn the Object-Oriented nature of the language. I enjoy using the language to accomplish my task, but I believe that I can take it farther. Also, I have been dabbling in Ruby, which seems to be a fun language, so I need to get more proficient there. Still, I have yet to really sit down, and learn Python. It looks like a solid language, but also seems to be a difficult one to learn. I just need to sit down, and start playing with it, when projects come up. Finally, I know a little PHP, but not enough to take a full-time job as a PHP developer. It's a language I'm interested in, but don't know enough about. Learning 4 languages at a time will be time consuming, and slow down the progress of each instead of becoming proficient at one at a time, but they are tools that I think are necessary in a scripters belt.

That's it. Two goals. Two resolutions. Nothing overly fancy or difficult, and certainly, nothing to overwhelm me with. I'm usually pretty good with New Year resolutions, and keep most of them throughout the year. I think both of these are manageable, and definitely doable.

Happy New Year!

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