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Ubuntu Membership

Well, it's official. I've added myself to the chopping block. I'm asking for Ubuntu Membership on Jan 9th at 2pm. This is a big step for me, as Ubuntu has become my lifeblood. Yes. Essentially, my second wife. 🙂

Applying for membership isn't easy, and I feel that I still have so long before I really would call myself prepared for this. In order to apply, I need to show that I have given significantly to the Ubuntu community with a sustained effort. I feel that I have given back to the community, but I always feel like I could be doing more. The biggest contributions that I have made, have been along the lines of advocacy. The major contributions that I have made:

  • Distributed 1,000 Ubuntu CDs since the release of Warty.
  • Distributed 25 Edubuntu CDs to the Weber County School District.
  • Mailed out 10 Ubuntu CDs with Christmas cards for the 2006 Holiday Season (thanks Tristan for the idea).
  • Maintain a regular Bittorrent seed of the latest Ubuntu iso's sharing ~3GB/month.
  • Creator of the Irssi help page found here
  • 450+ posts on the forums, and counting.
  • Active member of the Utah Team.
  • My automobile license plate says it all: "UBUNTU"

I look back at my involvement with Ubuntu, what it has given me, and what I have given back. People who know me, know that I can't live without it, and I can't keep talking about it. Ubuntu is my passion, and my way of life, and I just wish I could convert the world to see the same point of view. I've become an Ubuntu missionary, of sorts.

I hope the Ubuntu Community Council will recognize my efforts in the Ubuntu community, and as such grant membership. If not, I hope to have feedback at what I can do better- where I can improve.

At any rate, wish me luck!

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