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Changes To My Public GPG Key

GPG is an integral part of my life. I've been using it since 2004 when a friend of mine, Glen Kingston, helped generate my key. Since then, I've been using it just about every day. I use it to digitally sign all of my outgoing email, and I encourage people to encrypt sensitive email sent to me.

At any rate, I made some changes to my personal key this morning, so if you have a copy of my public key, please delete it, and update it with this one: 8086060F.

Also, there are a number of keys that I have collected over the years in my public keyring. Many of which, I haven't done much if anything with. I have listed the keys below. If you still use your GPG key and it hasn't changed or been revoked, please let me know. I'm cleaning up my public keyring, and would like to know the status of these keys. The KeyID and full name is listed:

  • A4414571: Anthony Chavez
  • B6724E04: Christer Edwards
  • 66FA7F0A: Daniel Dorman
  • B56B294F: Glen Kingston
  • C38E864E: John Kennedy
  • 585F16B5: Joseph Barney
  • 9E8F656F: Kyle Waters
  • C22D2FCF: Roger Sowerby
  • 57310AC8: Scott Barber
  • F34D3BC5: Steve Wikstrom

With that said, if anyone does use GPG in their communication, and isn't listed above, I would be interested in doing a keysigning party.


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